The Angel of History/The Devil's Despair Tab Book BUNDLE

$30.00 USD

Limited run bundle for 'A Storm Called Progress' Collection #1

Official digital tab book bundle for both 'The Angel of History' and 'The Devil's Despair'


• 4 fully designed PDF tab books - 1 for guitar, 1 for bass for each album
• Guitar Pro files (.GP and .GPX) of each song, including all guitar and bass parts for both albums.
• Guitar Pro files also include full midi drums to play along to.

This will be delivered via WeTransfer to the email you use to complete checkout within 24 hours of your purchase.

•C# Standard (C# F# B E G# C#)
•Drop B (B F# B E G# C#)

•Standard 5 String (B E A D G) [The Angel of History]
•C# Standard 6 String (G# C# F# B E A )

Tunings can be changed to your liking in Guitar Pro!

If at any time you lose your download, or the link expires, please email
"[email protected]" with a screenshot of your receipt and we will send the link again.

***Guitar Pro files included are compatible with GP6 and GP7. If you use an older version of Guitar Pro, write the version you need in the “Notes or Instructions” section while checking out and we'll send you the appropriate version!